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    We were going to have our dog Buster put to sleep because of his bad hip dysplasia disease. Pain medicine wasn't helping any more and he had to hop around on his back legs. We decided to try a stem cell treatment but I wasn't sure it would be effective. Buster started walking better after about three weeks and I could tell it was working. That was three years ago and he walks and runs now like he used to!!! This hospital is the best ever.

    Angelina F.

    Our neighbor recommended Stonebridge Animal Hospital to check my dog's leg. He had a torn ligament in his knee and Dr. Mapes did surgery to help him. I was surprised at how fast he started walking again because he had limped on his leg for almost a year. They were super nice with all the rechecks and laser treatments and no he loves to go in to visit!

    Gary D.

    Our neighbor recommended Stonebridge Animal Hospital to check my dog's leg. He had a torn ligament in his knee and Dr. Mapes did surgery to help him. I was surprised at how fast he started walking again because he had limped on his leg for almost a year. They were super nice with all the rechecks and laser treatments and no he loves to go in to visit!

    Gary D.

    We are so thankful to have found this hospital! Our pug Pugsly could barely breathe and they did surgery to open his nostrils. What a huge difference and nobody told us about it before we came here.

    Susan T.

    Our dog Cody could barely walk and was just getting pain medicine. Dr. Mapes found bone spurs in his spine and started treatment with laser therapy. He's so very much better now. He gets a laser treatment once a month almost never needs any pain medicine.

    Tammy W.

    They saw my dog for a terrible laceration at Stonebridge Animal Hospital on a Saturday when everyone else was closed. Dr. Mapes did surgery on him right away and he healed just great. We are so thankful that they stayed late for us that day.

    Jeremy M.

    We came to Dr. Mapes as a second opinion and he figured out that my cat's heart disease was because she had Bartonella disease. He treated it and and she's now off all her heart medicine! I'll never go to another hospital.

    Paul S.

    I love the feeling of caring that all of the staff members and Dr. Mapes have. There is such a warm feeling in the office here.

    Linda W.


    I am writing to tell you about Dr. Mapes. I saw him when he was at the Animal Medical Center in McKinney. My cat had been seen for several years with different problems, and was just treated with cortisone shots and skin cream. He had skin sores that kept coming back, watery eyes and runny nose all the time, and he had red gums in his mouth. Dr. Mapes seemed to know immediately that all of this was caused by an infection called Bartonella. He did a blood test and found it was positive. I was not happy that it was missed for so long. Dr. Mapes is the only vet I’ll use from now on because he seems to know more than other vets. His new hospital is beautiful and that’s where all of my friends will go also.



    “Dr. Mapes is indeed trustworthy, honest, empathetic and kind. More importantly, he is a skilled surgeon and possesses knowledge clearly above his peers. My veterinarian of 13 years assured me that a lump on my dog’s leg was nothing more than a benign cyst. I repeatedly returned to his office concerned with the growth and he assured me that I was “overreacting.” When Dr. Mapes examined the dog he recognized that the lump was a malignant tumor and removed it immediately saving her life. My former veterinarian has a great reputation and is, I’m sure, a good doctor. However, when it comes to my pet’s life I want the best. In Dr. Mapes my family of humans and furry members has definitely found the best.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

    Necia G.


    I have never been to a veterinary hospital that is so clean and friendly as Dr. Mapes new hospital Stonebridge Animal Hospital. Everybody at Dr. Mapes hospital is very nice and helpful, and I feel that they really care about my dogs. Dr. Mapes saved my dog’s life two years ago when he did surgery and had to take out some of her intestines. My Maggie got over the surgery very fast and we are so glad that Dr. Mapes was her doctor. We will always take our dogs to Dr. Mapes. Tracy Hartman

    Tracy H.


    Hi everyone, I’m Maddie! Guess what? I got adopted this week and boy am I living the life! The rescue has many vets who help us get healthy when we first enter the program. And… Surprise!! Dr. Mapes at Stonebridge Animal Hospital chose me to be his forever friend! I love it here! I can go to work with my dad and play all day with lots of animals! What a lucky girl! I’ll get the best of care, but now I even get to give back to DFWLRR.

    Every time a new dog comes to my dad, I can share my story and tell them everything will be ok! He’s the very best! Thank you so much for adopting me! XOXO



    Lucky is one lucky puppy to have found Dr. Mapes! Lucky is a 2 year old German Shepherd mix. My husband and I rescued him when he was 8 weeks old, and since day 1 he has more energy and love for life than entire packs of dogs combined. He has two speeds – fast and faster – and when he was diagnosed with severe and early onset hip dysplasia in both hips we were devastated. Lucky started limping in early September 2012, and we could tell he was in visible pain getting up off the floor. The normal course of treatment for such a debilitating condition would be hip replacement surgery on both hips or starting pain medication. Dr. Mapes explained how involved and expensive this treatment was and that there was a higher rate of failure among German Shepherd breeds due to the way their bones are structured. Before complete devastation could set in, he started talking about a new and highly successful procedure called Stem Cell Implantation. It sounded like a miracle – too good to be true. But the cost was significantly more doable than hip replacement, and it was noninvasive. DrMapes took fat tissue from Lucky on Monday, October 29th, sent that tissue to Vet Stem Laboratories where the stem cells were harvested from the fat tissue and sent back for Lucky to have injected into both hips and intravenously on Wednesday October 31st. Before and during the procedure, Dr. Mapes used laser treatment to help speed up the healing process (also a new technology). Lucky was supposed to take it slow for a few weeks, but we could already see the stem cells working their magic by the 3rd day – his visible limp was gone. We increased the length of his walks, and every day he was able to walk longer and longer. It’s now December 19th and he is back to sprinting across his backyard and fetching his favorite toys, smile back on his face. Lucky’s stem cells are being stored at Vet Stem in case we need them again in a few years. We can’t thank Dr. Mapes enough for staying up to speed on the latest in technology in the veterinary world. It has made such a difference in Lucky’s quality of life.

    Lisa W.


    Thank you all for the kind and professional care you provide! I was very impressed with everyone there and with thorough exam given to lucca. So glad to know I have such an amazing them to care for my pets. Thanks again.

    Tara and Lucca W.

    Paws down the BEST vet office EVER! You all are absolutely amazing! Thank you for being so sweet and caring always!

    Gina M.

    We..and Coco loves Crystal, Catherine, Tera and of course Doc!! : ) Best Vet office Ever! They all worked together and saved my Coco. She turned 16 yrs old on 05/13…had 2nd stroke on 05/02. Worst day of my life. We are forever grateful for their healing hands and their passion.

    Laura C

    Huge thank you to Dr.Mapes, Kathryn, Tara and Crystal for the wonderful care Skye received over the last month. Thank you also for your extra efforts helping us with the documentation needed on our case as well as all you do for the test o…f our pet family. If you truly want the best care, diagnostic skills, treatment(both pet and human) and surgeon when needed, this is where you need to be hands down! Hugs to our friends at SAH

    Necia G.

    Wanted to give a big THANK YOU! to Crystal and Dr. Mapes! My wife and I run 2nd Family Dogs boarding/daycare/grooming center in McKinney. We had a young fellow contact us because he was in the local hospital having a heart attack! His dog was in his truck outside the hospital (AC running) and he needed someone to come get his pup while he got treated. We went and got him but needed to get his dog vaccinated for distemper & rabies. No one could help us, but Crystal at Stonebridge Animal Hospital said, “Bring him right in!”. Now the dog (Lunchbox is his name) is all squared away and in our care until his owner recovers. These guys ROCK! They go the extra mile and I will never forget it!

    Bill B. (2nd Family Dogs, Owner)

    Thanks so much for your understanding and care with our Sydney this afternoon – we are really excited to have a great vet so close by! I have attached some info regarding Sydney’s history… as well as her latestglamour shot haha!

    Laura Donahue

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